WHAT – “in-between” is a non-space where imaginatioCopy of ART SHOWn plays with different possibilities speculating on how things could be rather than how they are.

“in-between” relates to the notion of journey, of being in transit from one place (intellectual, creative, physical, emotional) to another, from one experience to another, from one choice to another. It’s the process of becoming and transitioning, of being part of the flow.

“in-between” is an online writing workshop that aims to explore spaces, identity and perspectives in fictional writing. Participants will be trained to write at least one finished fictional work created in-between cultures, realities, spaces, identities, selves, imaginations from brainstorming to editing.

UntitledTHE WRITER –The coordinator is author Valentina A. Mmaka raised between cultures and languages she runs writing  workshops in different countries  sharing her work and experiences. As a writer and activist she  uses Art (theater, poetry, storytelling) as a tool to address social issues, as a therapy within particular social contexts.   Her main body of work explores issues like identity, displacement, transitioning, migration (geographical and intellectual), spaces.

DURATION – “in-between” online writing workshop has a duration of 12 weeks

1st session:  6th August –   2nd session: 6th September

PROGRAM: Each week  I will address one aspect of fiction writing, a reading list, weekly writing assignments on the topic of the lesson, feedback and critique on your work. At the end of the 12 weeks each participant will have a short story completed.

COSTS: $ 120